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Our Areas of Expertise

Thank you for your interest in idsTransitions. We have developed a way to discreetly and confidentially help you transition into the next phase of your life. Our unique approach to helping you through this difficult matter assures you confidentiality, discretion and professionalism while keeping you fully informed. We do this at substantial savings compared to industry standards. You stay in control.

Coming up with potential buyers and knowing how to qualify and motivate them requires a complex set of skills and our program is geared for maximum results. When transitioning your dental practice you can rely on our expertise to help you every step of the way.

Practice Brokerage

We become a third party negotiator and are able to optimize the Doctor’s time. Our approach keeps harmony between the parties during negotiations. idsTransitions assures confidentiality, discretion, and professionalism. Our cost savings approach puts you in control of the transition of your practice.


idsTransitions provides dental practice appraisals. Below is a list of the essential documents you will need for your appraisal.

  • Business Tax Returns for the last three years.
  • Production and Collection Report by Provider including Hygiene for prior two years and current year.
  • Profit and Loss Statements for current year (each quarter).
  • Activity report (Production by Provider, by procedure) for prior two years and current year.
  • Payroll summary report for prior two years and current year.
  • Present Fee Schedule.
  • Doctor(s) and Hygienist(s) work schedules.
  • Copies of Associates Employment Agreements and Restrictive Covenants.
  • Accounts Receivable Summary Report.
  • New Patient Report for prior two years and current year to date.
  • Copy of the Office Lease(s).


We offer consultations to help you make sense of the complex and daunting task of transitioning your practice. No matter what issues you face, we’re here to help you every step of the way. We are readily available and all discussions are strictly confidential. We also provide consultation in areas of:

  • Practice Negotiations
  • Practice Valuations
  • Equipment Valuations
  • Associate Placement


With two of Iowa’s most recognized Certified Public Accountants, idsTransitions is an industry expert for Dental Practice Accounting.

Our Transition Assistance Program Works Because?

  • We assure confidentiality, discretion, professionalism, thorough screenings and the ability to qualify potential buyers.
  • We become a third party negotiator and are able to optimize your time.
  • Our approach keeps harmony between the parties during negotiations.
  • We strive to offer minimal disruption of the Practice.
  • Our cost saving approach puts you in control of the sale of your practice.

What Clients Say

idsTransitions did a great job with our practice sale and transition. They were always convenient, timely and helpful.
Dr. John Work & Dr. Russell Carlson, DDS
I had idsTransitions do a practice analysis and evaluation for me. They provided me with clear and concise documents that allowed me to have a true reading on my practice value.
Dr. Robert McNurlen, DDS
Thank you idsTransitions for helping me with my practice evaluation and price analysis. You answered all my questions and made the process very easy to understand
Dr. Myron Murphy, DDS
I want to personally thank you for the extraordinarily professional job you did completing the transition and sale of my dental practice.
Dr. Thomas Tiedeman, DDS
I am very grateful to Iowa Dental Supply for their help in my transition to becoming a practice owner. The process would have been overwhelming without their guidance and support.
Dr. Julie Lohr, DDS