Important Questions for the Seller

  • When did you last increase your fees?
  • Do you anticipate changing the office lease
  • What is your transitional time frame?
  • What are your 2 year, 5 year and 10 year goals?
  • How much vacation are you currently utilizing? Does the office remain open?
  • What staff changes do you anticipate?
  • Are any family members currently employed by the practice?
  • Are you satisfied with the present Fee Schedule?
  • What is your family treatment policy?
  • What method do you utilize for depositing cash?
  • How many active patients do you have in your practice?
  • How many patient treatment cases are in progress at
    this time?
  • How do you compensate your associate(s) and hygienist(s)?
  • What current procedures do your refer to a specialist?
  • Is there any current litigation ongoing in your practice?
  • Are there any existing equipment leases or financing?
  • What benefits do your provide to your employees?
  • What is your current patient insurance policy?
  • What insurance carriers do you accept?
  • Do you presently have any scheduling issues or
  • Will you consider self financing for partial payment?
  • Is your accounting system through one location or
    multiple locations?
  • Have you communicated your transition plan with your
  • What do you consider to be the biggest obstacles in
    making a successful transition?

Our Transition Assistance Program Works Because

  • idsTransitions assures the Seller confidentiality, discretion, professionalism, thorough
    screening and the ability to qualify a potential buyer.
  • We become a third party negotiator and are able to optimize the Selling Doctor’s time.
  • Our approach keeps harmony between the parties during negotiations.
  • Our approach offers minimal disruption of the Practice and maximum discretion.
  • Our cost savings approach puts you in control of the sale of your practice.
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