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Welcome To idsTransitions

Thank you for your interest in idsTransitions. We’re here to help you transition from where you are to where you want to be.

idsTransitions assures the Seller confidentiality, discretion, professionalism, thorough screening, and the ability to qualify a potential buyer. We become a third party negotiator and are able to optimize the Selling Doctor’s time. Our approach keeps harmony between the parties during negotiations. We strive to provide minimal disruption of the practice and maximum discretion.  We offer all this and a cost savings approach that puts you in control of the sale of your practice.

Meet Our Team

Ron Stallman
Certified Public Accountant

Ron is a 1989 graduate from the University of Northern Iowa, Cedar Falls, Iowa, receiving a Bachelor of Arts degree in Accounting. He has been involved in the Dental Industry for over 25 years with extensive experience in practice transitions, accounting, tax-planning and management advisory services. Ron’s negotiating skills set him apart from other brokers and accountants. He has the ability to convey a practice’s value to the buyer.

Recognized as a leading dental accountant, Ron has established relationships with attorneys, accountants, and bankers. Ron is also very well connected with other professionals in the dental community such as distributors, their sales reps and other service providers. These relationships have proven invaluable while helping dentists transition their practice. In addition, Ron has been actively developing relationships with dental students and various colleges to help pave the path into the future.

Ron is a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, the Iowa Society of Certified Public Accountants, and serves on many state and civic boards.

Paul Donnelly
Certified Public Accountant

Paul is a graduate of the University of Northern Iowa with degrees in Accounting, Economics, and German. He has over 25 years of public and private accounting experience, with extensive service history in the dental community.

The ability to successfully broker a dental practice is knowing what the true value is. True value is not something you make up or wish for, but rather calculate. Paul has more experience calculating practice values than any other professional in Iowa. Cash flow, tax consequences, ratio analysis, staffing and internal controls are all part of knowing how to value a practice. Paul includes more components into the valuation process than any other broker.

As one of Iowa’s most recognized dental accountants, Paul understands the dental practice’s financial model and is well trained in the science of quantifying a dental practice’s value. In addition to finding the value of a practice, Paul knows how to present a dental practice to maximize a seller’s return. Paul’s people skills and the ability to translate the language of finance to the buyer has made him successful as a practice broker.

Paul is a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, the Iowa Society of Public Accountants, and serves on many state and local civic boards.

Rick Cacciatore
Transition Specialist

Rick Cacciatore is a dental industry leader with 37 years’ experience. Rick brings to IDS Transitions a vast expertise in management from a wide variety of dental industry positions. Rick held executive positions with DENTSPLY in Atlanta, Georgia, served as President & CEO of Iowa Dental Supply, a well-respected independent distributor in Iowa, and most recently ran Patterson Dentals North Central Region as Regional President. Rick has a unique insight in the transition phase of the dental practice. Rick has built a career on forming relationships with professionals in every aspect of the industry. He has found these relationships, experience, and knowledge to be invaluable in his ability to deliver favorable results. Analyzing the value and marketability of a dental practice is a huge task, finding the right buyer is difficult, and getting that potential buyer to fully understand the opportunity that exists within the practice is the key to a successful sale.